4th Grade Update

So, what have we been doing this past year? What are we now doing? Well, we realized that Zelie CAN read, it is just hard to read a lot of words at a time. And Zelie CAN write, but she is not very fast and doesn’t really feel like writing a whole page as once. I am using Math-U-See, which is great for her for math. In looking at what schools do for those with dyslexia in these middle grades, it seems like those kids are forced to just muddle through.
Why would we make her do that?! Her school until Christmas is to read the Dork Diaries (as many books as she can – designed to be easy to read!) and to create as many books as she can. No, writing two paragraphs is tough, but if there is only one or two sentences per page, she can do it! With math and our co-op classes, she is done. The rest of her schooling is the school of the world around her. She’ll have to get super disciplined by high school, but why ruin this time for her? She has a view of the world that is fluid and very different from mine, but I love it and love to watch her bloom every day as much as she can!
So, that’s our update. No more worrying about how she measures up for now. Just trusting her love for life to lead us forward!

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